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Eric Coffin Interviews Robert Archer, CEO & Director

Robert Archer, CEO and Director, Presenting at the Metals Investors Forum, January 2019

"Hello from Mr Archer, CEO of Newrange Gold", Robert Archer CEO and Director

"Significant Gold Minerals" Greg McCoach and Robert Carrington, CEO & President Newrange Gold Corp.

"High-grade Intercepts" Jay Taylor with Robert Archer and Robert Carrington of Newrange Gold Corp.

"Pamlico Project" Gwen Preston and Robert Carrington, President and CEO of Newrange Gold Corp.

"Pamlico Project" Eric Coffin and Robert Carrington, CEO of Newrange Gold Corp.

Robert Carrington speaks at Beaver Creek Mining Conference 2018

"Keys To Success" Sean Brodrick & Robert G. Carrington, CEO

Interview with Jochen Staiger

Interview with Jay Taylor

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